Sales & Marketing

We know that India is a complex market having a large and diverse consumer base, ever changing consumer preferences, and a very price sensitive purchasing behaviour.

There has been a shift from traditional marketing concepts, Creative indians works with its clients to find senior leaders with proven strategic sales and marketing ability to capture critical market segments & customer base resulting in growth and sustained market share.

As a top executive search firm, Creative Indian connects with digitally-savvy, transformational, growth-oriented professionals to help organizations stay ahead, as also maintain the critical competitive edge in the marketplace.

We will help you find:

  •     Chief Marketing Officer
  •     Chief Digital Officer
  •     Chief Strategy Officer
  •     Head of e-commerce
  •     Chief Commercial Officer
  •     Chief Revenue Officer
  •     Chief Sales Officer
  •     Chief Business Development Officer
  •     EVP, SVP, VP and heads of teams