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Creative domain in its inherent nature tends to be audio visual in nature. The Performers & Artists & Designers strive to be seen & heard as much as possible which in turn enables them to get recognition & earn their livelihood. They have dreams to realize more than any other person striving to survive 9-5 PM grind. In their mind set it is appreciation which counts more than money. Every Creative Individual has a deep need to be appreciated & applauded


We are building a portal for Indians to present them selves as creative professionals in order to network, get inspired, get job offers & assignments, get noticed & gain recognition & obviously enhance their commercial potential! They would be approached from those needing their services after duly evaluating their talent & work.

It is a database of Creative Indian Professionals across the world and those in supporting & Technical roles in Creative Areas.


All Indians who are contributing towards producing a Creative, Original & Innovative output in the form of a product, performance or Process across the world would be a part of this portal.


Founded & promoted by Capt Chand Pathak & his Team.



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