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Animation Director

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  • Adithya K

    Game Designer | Bangalore

    Exp: 3 Years
    Skills: 3D Animation, Character Animation, Background Artist


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  • Sai Kiran

    Motion Graphic Designer | Hyderabad

    Exp: 5 Years
    Skills: Compositor, Motion Graphic

    CREATE SMART PRODUCTION Hyderabad-Deccan, India


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  • Vrusha Patel

    Creative Director | Mumbai

    Exp: 8 Years
    Skills: Animation, Compositing

    An animator, passionate photographer & occasional writer.


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  • Ashish Baneshi

    Creative Director | New Delhi

    Exp: 7 Years
    Skills: Storyboarding, Character Design, Animation

    Art Director, Concept Artist, 2D and 3D Game Artist


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  • Saniuddin Khan

    Animation | New Delhi

    Exp: 9 Years
    Skills: Character Design, Animation, Communicating

    I’m always looking for self improvement and I’m willing to experiment new possibilities of visual expression through any process of visual communication, from traditional techniques, to digital ones, searching for real and tough challenges that can squeeze out the best of me for the clients I work for, pushing my limits over and over again. And last, but not least, to enjoy my life.


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  • Sameer Hazari

    Creative Director | New Delhi

    Exp: 5 Years
    Skills: Retouching, Colour correction

    Currently working on creative automation and immersive narratives with original content and design build in-house at Sameer Hazari Studios. We deliver mixed-reality experiences via web.


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  • Sagar K S

    Animator | Trivandrum

    Exp: 0 Years
    Skills: Animation

    Designer Myself in the World of Creativity


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  • Arun Arumugam

    Associate Manager | Chennai

    Exp: 15 Years
    Skills: Motion Graphics

    I started my career as a Motion graphic artist and I love to work in a more competitive environment with the ability to push the project quickly, effectively and more comfortably.


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  • Himanshu

    Animator | Ghaziabad

    Exp: 4 Years
    Skills: Storyboarding, Character Design, Design, Animation, Pipeline Development

    I’m a punctual person. I always arrive early and complete my work on time. My previous Projects had a lot of deadlines and I made sure that I was organized and adhered to all my jobs. I consider myself to be a team-player. I like to work with other people and I find that it’s much easier to achieve something when everyone works together and communicates well. I have always set myself goals and it motivates me to work hard. I have achieved my goals so far with my training, education and work experience and now I am looking for ways to improve myself and grow. I’m proactive. When I think about things, I do them. I like to see results and it’s important in this industry to be proactive and responsible for your own actions.


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  • Deepa Mehta

    Graphic Designer | Mumbai

    Exp: 0 Years
    Skills: Logo Design, Icon Design

  • Shruti Sharma

    Creative Visualizer | New Delhi

    Exp: 6 Years
    Skills: Logo Design, Icon Design

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