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  • Satish Gajendra

    Sr. Motion Graphics Artist | Bangalore

    Exp: 4 Years
    Skills: Video Filming, Video Editing, Video Post Production, Color Correction, Audio Adjustment

    I am Satish Gajendra and I believe that I will be a valuable asset to your company. My combination of creative talent and technical skills makes me the right person to help your team grow I am extremely proficient in the use of Adobe Suite, After Effects and 3dsMax.


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  • Ayush Pandey

    Creative Producer |

    Exp: 3 Years


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  • Avinash Jai Singh

    Photographer Director | Mumbai

    Exp: 10 Years
    Skills: Fashion Photography, Industrial Photography, Wildlife Photography

    Avinash Jai Singh is an NYFA alumnus, working as a commercial photographer & director based in India.


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  • capil verma

    Photography | Mumbai

    Exp: 5 Years
    Skills: Wildlife, Advertising, Beauty, Covers, Commercial


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  • Devang Singh Thukral

    Photographer and Filmmaker | New Delhi

    Exp: 10 Years

    An ex-marketing professional for Dell, Devang understands the importance of targeted marketing in today’s fluctuating markets. His strong aesthetic sense and creative bend inspired him to study photography at Light and Life Academy, Ooty, Here he Specialized in Contemporary portraiture, F&B, architecture and Interiors Photography. He aims to be a platform and a catalyst for designers, innovative concept artists and entrepreneurs and work towards providing creative design solutions.


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  • Maaris Santhanaraj

    Production Executive - Business Development | Chennai

    Exp: 5 Years

    Hello, I am currently working in Pathway Production handling the role of Business Development and Production Executive. I am worked for Feature Films,Corporate Films,Ad Films etc. I am looking forward the opportunities that helps me to Groom my further Career in Ad Agency or in any Media and Advertisement Company. Thanks.


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  • Mukherjee Savya

    associate director |

    Exp: 5 Years

    I am A Nomad searching my perfect burger


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  • Kunal Khetani

    Director | Vadodara

    Exp: 5 Years

    To establish myself with finest communication skills that can be useful to the organization and the industry I am working in as well as for personal growth.


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  • Priyanka Bhosale

    Assistant director | Mumbai

    Exp: 2 Years

    Technical Director


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  • Naina Redhu

    Photographer | New Delhi

    Exp: 15 Years
    Skills: Fashion Photography, Industrial Photography, Potraits

    Naina Redhu is a professional photographer. Her career, spanning 15 years, started with an MBA in IT & Systems, to a job as an Innovation Management Consultant, to branding & graphic design work for international clients, to a full-time solo-entrepreneurship as an Experience Collector.


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  • Puranjoy Gupta

    Fashion and Advertising Photographer | Mumbai

    Exp: 6 Years
    Skills: Fashion Photography, Industrial Photography

    Puranjoy started his career by capturing the streets of Mumbai. His early images were characterized by a preference for black and white film. Over the years his work has evolved to portraiture, beauty, advertising and ultimately fashion.


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  • Sushant Panchal

    Art Director | Mumbai

    Exp: 8 Years
    Skills: Fashion Photography, Industrial Photography, Wildlife Photography

    Sushant is a small town guy whose passion and love for the photography brought him to Mumbai. The city of dreamers and achievers.


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  • Deepa Mehta

    Graphic Designer | Mumbai

    Exp: 0 Years
    Skills: Logo Design, Icon Design

  • Shruti Sharma

    Creative Visualizer | New Delhi

    Exp: 6 Years
    Skills: Logo Design, Icon Design

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