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Street art and graffiti in South India

Street art and graffiti in South India

Posted on : 09/01/2015 12:19pm
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“When I painted my first wall without any permission, I waited for the day when it would make it to the news. When my work started getting featured on the news, I decided I wanted to sell my paintings... Tomorrow, the doors open for my solo exhibition and I have nothing more to strike off now,” writes Mumbai-based anonymous artist Tyler in a rather emotional Instagram post addressed to his 67.9K followers on January 13.


Tyler’s first solo exhibit in India, currently on display at Method, Bandra and Kala Ghoda, is perhaps a sign that graffiti and street art, largely considered “anti-art”, has found a place in the mainstream. The exhibit literally brings street art into a white cube space shining light on the fact that as much as it is a statement, it is also nothing less than ‘high’ or ‘fine’ art.


Public art destination

About a year ago, Chennai’s Kannagi Nagar (Off Mahabalipuram Road), one of the largest resettlements in India housing those who have been rehabilitated from river beds and slums, saw a dramatic transformation as 16 artists etched murals on multiple walls, in a bid to make it a public art destination.

The art sought to bring the community together. In locations across India, public art welcomed a similiar response as more art destinations cropped up, courtesy St+art India, a non-profit collective that collaborates with governing authorities to drag art out of galleries and into a public space.

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