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Mask-up in Sustainable Style

Mask-up in Sustainable Style

Posted on : 09/01/2015 12:19pm
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Rural artisans from Assam are making masks using Eri silk, that’s known for its cooling properties in the summers and warmth in the winters. Check them out!



With lockdown restrictions easing in most parts of the world, and our country, wearing a mask has become mandatory. It is almost the next indispensable fashion accessory.

Facing the challenges posed by the pandemic and turning the crisis into an opportunity, individuals and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) across India are stepping in to make reusable cloth masks. Inspired by the PM’s speech to make India self-sufficient, many are creating job opportunities for hundreds of artisans, tailors, weavers, within their communities. They’re also using the opportunity to support home-grown fabrics interlaced with traditional prints and embroidery.


Some are designing masks inspired by fictional characters to encourage children, while a few designs promote regional art. The artworks span almost every state of India — from Rajasthan’s Phad paintings to Kalamkari from Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal’s Kantha print to Tamil Nadu’s Toga embroidery. Some designers are fusing traditional, contemporary, and western designs.

Here’s a look at how individuals across India beat the lockdown odds and created employment opportunities for local communities by going ‘Vocal for Local’.


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