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India Art Fair 2020

India Art Fair 2020

Posted on : 09/01/2015 12:19pm
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The overview that the annual India Art Fair affords of the art world in India is incomparable to any other festival, event or gathering.

It is all, of course, a very business-like affair, led mainly by the galleries, rather than the artists themselves.

That really is a good thing, if you think about it.


And, that’s with all due accord to the path-breaking and innovative efforts of the hosts behind the landmark art festivals of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale, and the Serendipity Festival.


At India Art Fair 2020, the focus was almost squarely on the buyers, which immediately lent an aspect of worth and value to the hushed air hung over many of the more popular booths on display in the tented fair premises.


That did mean that idlers were almost instantly marked out, between the carpeted aisles, by the many watchful stall attendants and gallerists at hand.


There’s a marked difference in approach that must be handed out to the Art Fair’s new owners and management.

It was barely last September, after nearly a year of back-and-forths, that the MCH Group, the Swiss-based owner of the Art Basel franchise, decided to sell its majority stake in the India Art Fair to the Honk-based events company Angus Montgomery Arts, making it the sole owner of the New Delhi-based event.

It does help to know that the Angus group lends its considerable heft to many reputed festivals such as Photofairs San Francisco, Taipei Dangdai, Photofairs Shanghai, Art Central Hong Kong and Sydney Contemporary, among others.

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