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  • Rimzim Dadu brings virtual reality to India Fashion Week
    Rimzim Dadu brings virtual reality to India Fashion Week

    Posted on : 17/10/2018 04:20pm
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    Dadu believes that technology is a great enabler and it helps artists present their work in more immersive ways than ever before.


    Last week saw top Indian designers showcase their latest collections at the India Fashion Week in the national ..

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  • Creativity and Career
    Creativity and Career

    Posted on : 08/10/2018 04:37pm
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    Chennai’s newest art gallery is aptly titled ‘The Art.’ Located on Kasturi Rangan Road, it occupies the venue of an earlier art gallery, Art Houz. The inaugural exhibition, titled ‘New Beginning,’ reflects this..

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  • Indian Artist Draws Portraits With Typewriter
    Indian Artist Draws Portraits With Typewriter

    Posted on : 05/10/2018 06:01pm
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    MUMBAI-Clickety-clack, clickety-clack, ding rings out from a home in India’s Mumbai where Chandrakant Bhide is creating his latest artwork - on a typewriter.



    The 72-year-old thumps the keys of the bulky, manual machine to draw ..

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  • Made by Machine
    Made by Machine

    Posted on : 01/10/2018 03:48pm
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    The gallery is decked with artwork of varied politics. On one wall are frames with colourful bubbles, blotches and squiggles that would look good in a schoolroom. On the opposite wall are gory images of plucked meat stuck to the bones. In one room, a..

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  • The Art Loka Exhibits
    The Art Loka Exhibits

    Posted on : 27/09/2018 12:49pm
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    The ‘Art Loka’ is an online gallery that was created with the purpose of publicising the work of Indian artists and craftsmen on a global platform. It is the brainchild of Shruthi Muniyapla and Soshan Soma – childhood friends who qu..

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  • The Melting Pot
    The Melting Pot

    Posted on : 18/09/2018 05:52pm
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    A dressing table clad with thousands of razors resting at the gallery in Bikaner House, designed by one of Bangladesh’s leading artist Tayeba Begum Lipi, appears glittery and attractive from a distance but reveals a rather bitingly painful trut..

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  • The VFX Magic
    The VFX Magic

    Posted on : 10/09/2018 12:01pm
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    Today’s blockbusters are overwhelmingly reliant on visual effects (VFX). Big budget franchises such as Star Wars, Marvel and DC Comics depend on highly creative and realistic effects for a more immersive and unique experience. VFX has the poten..

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  • 7 Famous Works of Art by Indian Artists
    7 Famous Works of Art by Indian Artists

    Posted on : 04/09/2018 05:43pm
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    Indian art tells a huge story in just one picture, some more than others. We look at seven famous works of art by Indian artists.

    Hundreds of paintings are created by immensely talented painters, capturing the attention of art enthusiasts.

    This is ..

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  • Watercolor festival
    Watercolor festival

    Posted on : 27/08/2018 01:53pm
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    Watercolor festival organized by Department of Art-Culture at Audrey House


    The international water colour festival, starting tomorrow here, aims to bring local artists in touch with the international art and promote the rich art and culture ..

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  • Delhi Art Gallery  latest show is a retrospective of artist Madhvi Parekh works
    Delhi Art Gallery latest show is a retrospective of artist Madhvi Parekh works

    Posted on : 22/08/2018 12:24pm
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    MUMBAI: Indian contemporary artist Madhvi Parekh's dynamic artistic career will be the focus of a new exhibition here.


    'Madhvi Parekh: The Curious Seeker', a career retrospective by Delhi Art Gallery (DAG), will capture Parekh..

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  • Indian Art Comes Home
    Indian Art Comes Home

    Posted on : 20/08/2018 04:47pm
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    India's living traditions of folk and indigenous art are now finding takers among the country's art collectors. So how do you pick the right piece of high value? Experts help crack the code

    In 2001, while at an artist residency at Mithila Mu..

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  • Studio Cubes Furniture Series Blends Modern Aesthetic With Indian Tradition
    Studio Cubes Furniture Series Blends Modern Aesthetic With Indian Tradition

    Posted on : 14/08/2018 11:38am
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    Furniture in India has a long and prosperous history, beginning in 1336 with the wood craftsmen of the Vijayanagar Empire. From its earliest days and through the influence of European colonisers, furniture making has always remained an ..

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