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Dhanika Choksi : Photographer

Posted on : 09/08/2019 01:19pm
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Tell us something about yourself and how did you start creating?


Dhanika Choksi: I’m an ambivert who enjoys being surrounded by people just as much as curling up in the bed with a good book all weekend! I started my photography journey with my love for wildlife. I have travelled to Ranthambore, Sunderbans, Masai Mara, Gir and many other national parks, capturing birds and predators. Wedding photography was something that caught my attention 4 years ago. I offered to shoot a friend’s wedding, loved the constant activity and buzz that came with it! Well, after that there was no looking back. In fact, I couldn’t believe that I would get paid to do something I enjoyed so much, haha!



Can you talk a bit about your unique style and way of working?


My photographs and style are still evolving honestly, but yes at the core they remain, vibrant, happy, emotive and genuine. Getting married is a big deal and there are a lot of emotions involved, so making sure that my couple and their family is comfortable with me is the utmost priority even if that means I have to make goofy faces or do a chicken dance, I’ll do it!



What about Wedding Photography interests you the most? What are your top three favourite photography locations and why?


DC: I enjoy weddings for so many reasons even though wedding photography by itself is challenging enough with the overcrowded ceremonies, jarring coloured lighting, over-enthusiastic guests with their phone cameras etc. It also gives you the opportunity to try various genres of photography such as editorial, journalistic, classic and fashion. The learning is endless and so is the growth. A few locations I love are Kashmir, Rajasthan and Goa.


What does your camera bag contain whilst working?


DC: I Have this philosophy for equipment, keep it light and easy! I use a Nikon D800 with 2-3 prime lenses and a Nikon flash.


Describe your post-processing workflow and the equipment you use?


DC: I begin by downloading all raw images and converting them to DNG in Lightroom and then cull the images in 2 rounds. After that, I correct the images to match white balance, exposure, contrast etc. and then simply export them as JPEGs. Then, another backup of the JPEGs is taken, and then I upload the images to a web gallery and share it with the couple! I also use Photoshop for extensive edits like skin correction etc.


What advice would the artist inside you like to pass on to our readers?


DC: ‘Ditch the dream! Yes, dreams are lovely and it feels great to stare at the sky and make vision boards but while you are dreaming, someone else is doing! Dreams don’t come true unless you work hard every day!

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