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Honey Arora


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Honey Arora

With over 8 years of experience in talent acquisition, Honey is a seasoned professional specializing in lateral, support, and leadership hiring, particularly in non-IT sectors. Her expertise lies in strategic talent planning and implementing innovative recruitment solutions to meet diverse hiring needs.

Professional Experience

  • Lateral Hiring: Successfully managed and executed lateral hiring processes, ensuring seamless integration of mid-career professionals into various organizational functions.
  • Support Hiring: Adept at recruiting for essential support roles, providing companies with the backbone staff necessary for smooth operations.
  • Leadership Hiring: Proven track record in identifying and securing top-tier leadership talent, driving organizational success through strategic appointments.

Key Skills

  • Strategic Talent Planning: Expertise in devising and implementing long-term talent acquisition strategies that align with business goals.
  • Innovative Recruitment Solutions: Skilled in leveraging cutting-edge recruitment technologies and methodologies to attract and retain high-quality candidates.
  • Market Insights: Deep understanding of market trends and talent landscapes, particularly in non-IT industries.
  • Candidate Experience: Commitment to providing an exceptional candidate experience, ensuring a positive and professional recruitment journey.

Professional Achievements

  • High Volume Hiring: Successfully managed high-volume recruitment drives, consistently meeting and exceeding hiring targets.
  • Diversity Initiatives: Championed diversity and inclusion initiatives, enhancing organizational culture and performance.
  • Retention Strategies: Developed and implemented effective retention strategies, significantly reducing employee turnover rates.

An MBA in HR Symbiosis, Pune, Honey's commitment to excellence in recruitment is reflected in her consistent success in delivering highperforming candidates who significantly contribute to the growth and innovation of leading organizations. Her focused expertise in the ITES/BPO & other Non IT Sectors sectors, coupled with her strategic and adaptable approach, makes them an invaluable asset in senior-level hiring.

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