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Sitar Fest- A 2 Day Festival of Sitar Recital

Sitar Fest- A 2 Day Festival of Sitar Recital

18/04/2019 - 19/04/2019

8:00 PM

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Posted in: Visual & Performing Arts
Creative Areas: Visual Art, Theatre, Group Performance, Singing
Creative Skills: Musical, Hindustani classical, Ghazals

Ravindra Natya Mandir, Mini Theatre: Mumbai


22 2436 5990

Contact Person:

Ravindra Mandir

More About Sitar Fest- A 2 Day Festival of Sitar Recital :

‘Sitar’ is a long-necked plucked string instrument which is popular in North Indian Classical Music, Folk Music of India and also used in western popular music in the 1960s. The name Sitar is derived from the Persian word “Sehtar” which means “three-stringed”. • Origin: Many believe the Sitar descended into India from the long-necked lutes taken to India from Central Asia. Some historians also say that Amir Khusrau a famous Sufi Poet and Musician invented the Sitar as a combination of the Tanpura and the Veena. There are some alternate theories which suggest the origin of the instrument in Iran which was later modified for the taste of the Mughal rulers. Some also call it a modification of the Indian Veena. • In popular Culture: Many legends from the past who have popularized Indian Classical music have been exponents of the Sitar-like Bharat Ratna Pandit Ravi Shankar, Ustad Vilayat Khan, Pandit Nikhil Banerjee, to name but a few. Sitar has blended well with western music one of the most popular collaborations being of George Harrison and Pandit Ravi Shankar. Right from film music to folk music to Indian classical music, western music and contemporary Indian fusion music Sitar is considered today as one of the integral elements of a musical performance. • Concept for Sitar Festival: We at Pancham Nishad wanted to present the upcoming gen-next sitar artistes from our country who would carry on this great tradition of playing the instrument for the years to come in the future, hence we thought of conceptualizing a special 2-day festival dedicated to Sitar.

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