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AGNI by Ashley Lobo with Navdhara India Dance

AGNI by Ashley Lobo with Navdhara India Dance

23/03/2019 - 23/03/2019

7:00 PM

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Posted in: Visual & Performing Arts
Creative Areas: Visual Art, Theatre, Group Performance, Dance, Juggling, Pantomime, Singing
Creative Skills: Musical

G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture: Mumbai


88792 08475

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G5A Foundation

More About AGNI by Ashley Lobo with Navdhara India Dance :

Agni was originally commissioned by Yair Vardi, Director of the prestigious Suzanne Dellal Centre in Israel, where it also had its International Premiere last year and opened their International Season. "Agni" in Sanskrit is Fire. Fire is a symbol of destruction and purification, beginnings and endings. It gives light yet destroys to the point of darkness. In today’s context, as passions arise, personal and political walls are destroyed and new ones built constantly. In this dance theatre piece, the dancers use Ashley Lobo's "Prana Paint™" technique to explore the concept of "agni", the body, and death in its various manifestations as they take the audience on their own personal journey. A journey of "fire" that needs to be experienced more than seen. Felt more than understood.

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