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14/03/2019 - 14/03/2019

7:00 PM

Entry By: Tickets

Posted in: Visual & Performing Arts
Creative Areas: Visual Art, Theatre, Group Performance, Dance
Creative Skills: Musical

The Music Academy: Chennai

Chennai,Tamil Nadu

44 2811 2231

Contact Person:

Music Academy

More About Aikya :

Aikya2019is in its tenth avatar. An annual fundraiser concert in support of retiring artistes in the field of music, dance and performing arts, and of young girls’ technical education. Global Adjustments Foundation launchedAikyain 2010 as a platform to showcase Indian culture in a unifying way through music. Aikya, this year is based on the theme of‘Ragam and Oneness.’Raga is the melodic rule comprising of seven notes in Indian classical music repertoire. This year, Agam, the accomplished Carnatic progressive rock band, will be seen for the first time ever together, with the world-renowned Carnatic musician's duo ‘Ranjani-Gayatri’ at the historicMusicAcademy, Chennai. As you connect the dots, you will discernRAstands for Ranjani, GAfor Gayatri andAGAMthat makes up‘Ragam’. Aikyawill is an extraordinary opportunity for you to serve your immediate community and be an integral part of the nationwide Champion Woman movement. Your sponsorship/CSR partnership will be recognized in several ways before, during and after our concert.

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