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Euphoria Performing Live

Euphoria Performing Live

15/12/2018 - 15/12/2018

7:00 PM

Entry By: Tickets

Posted in: Visual & Performing Arts
Creative Areas: Visual Art, Theatre, Group Performance, Singing
Creative Skills: Musical, Hindustani classical, Ghazals

Ruin Pub by Imperfecto: Delhi

New Delhi,Delhi / NCR

99990 00196

Contact Person:

Ruin Pub

More About Euphoria Performing Live :

Considered the soul of pop music in the 90s Euphoria shot to fame with their first album "Dhoom". Now, legendary and still making their fans pine for more with each performance, Imperfecto Ruin Pub is proud to present Euphoria performing live and loud. 14 years back HIND ROCK wasn't coined as just a phrase for hype (they hate the hype!) It was perhaps the simplest way to describe their music (There are other choice descriptions for their music but they can only be sought from other Indian bands, or their ex band mates). Today, 2018 EUPHORIA has created a home for itself in the hearts of music aficionados and supporters. The non believers still find excuses but... “They are the challenge!”

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