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  • Dhanika Choksi : Photographer
    Dhanika Choksi : Photographer

    Posted on : 17/03/2021 08:45pm
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    Tell us something about yourself and how did you start creating?


    Dhanika Choksi: I’m an ambivert who enjoys being surrounded by people just as much as curling up in the bed with a good book all weekend! I started my photography journey..

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  • Moushumee K Jha : Photographer
    Moushumee K Jha : Photographer

    Posted on : 12/03/2021 08:06pm
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    Moushumee is a Freelance Documentary photographer from Assam, India. Starting her artistic journey as an actress, she became familiar with the language of camera and nuances of light and shade, frame angles and developed a keen sense of story-telling..

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  • Bhavya Arora : Graphic designer
    Bhavya Arora : Graphic designer

    Posted on : 08/03/2021 08:12pm
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    Why are you an Illustrator?

    I loved art and craft as a kid and wanted to be a part of design industry. The decision of being an illustrator came gradually by ruling out what I did not want to do.


    Did you attend school for fine art or desig..

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  • PJ Randhawa: Journalist
    PJ Randhawa: Journalist

    Posted on : 05/03/2021 09:31pm
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    Please tell us about yourself


    What makes a great crime reporter? Tremendous courage and passion for reporting the real and pressing issues, true and honest integrity in the profession. Such is one reporter, Prabjot Kaur Randhawa, who is Sout..

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  • Krishna Kumar: Creative Director
    Krishna Kumar: Creative Director

    Posted on : 04/03/2021 09:12pm
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    Why are you a Graphic/Motion Designer?

    My interest in Art and Design roots back to my childhood where all the shows on cartoon network were quite inspiring and created enthusiasm in me to become what I am today!


    Did you attend school for f..

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  • Madhura Chakravarty: Creative Director
    Madhura Chakravarty: Creative Director

    Posted on : 25/02/2021 08:34pm
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    Why are you into Advertising?

    Honestly, I enjoy the format of advertising which is largely story-telling for me first and then of course followed by brand building. Who doesn’t remember good stories? We remember our exchanges with co-riders, ..

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  • Rahul Arya :  The Sand Artist
    Rahul Arya : The Sand Artist

    Posted on : 23/02/2021 09:23pm
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    Please tell us about yourself


    When Abhinav Bindra, the ace shooter, said “You are amazing“, his compliments were buzzing in the ears of the sensational Sand artist, Rahul Arya, while performing for an event on 26th January.


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  • Mohini Dey : Guitar Artist
    Mohini Dey : Guitar Artist

    Posted on : 16/02/2021 08:58pm
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    My conversations with Mohini Dey are brief and rushed. “Hi, yes, this is Mohini… yes, I will message you when I am free.” Or: “No, no we cannot have a [photo] shoot during rehearsals. AR is here all through it.” The Rah..

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  • Gargi Chandola : Muralist and Illustrator
    Gargi Chandola : Muralist and Illustrator

    Posted on : 12/02/2021 08:58pm
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    Gargi Chandola creates beautiful murals. Her art is stunning and we think it could turn any place into a tourist attraction. Now, she has her own firm and works with the government to make our country more beautiful, one surface at a time.



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  • Balaji :  Illustrator
    Balaji : Illustrator

    Posted on : 08/02/2021 08:23pm
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    Satish Gangaiah is a Bangalore based passionate designer and illustrator who has vast experience ranging from ad agencies, media publishing houses, IT industry etc. He also is an acclaimed commissioned illustrator. Satish has worked for the likes of ..

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  • Megha Davalath : Character Animator
    Megha Davalath : Character Animator

    Posted on : 07/02/2021 09:07pm
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    Meet Megha Davalath: UT computer science alumnus, DreamWorks character technical director and fervent panda enthusiast.


    Davalath worked on the set of “Kung Fu Panda 3” where she specialized in rigging, or designing a digital skel..

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  • Faiza Hasan : Artist
    Faiza Hasan : Artist

    Posted on : 04/02/2021 09:15pm
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    Can you tell us about your work?


    A young artist well-known for her embroidery and watercolour artwork, Faiza Hasan is seen to be one of the promising artistes from the city.


    Faiza Hasan’s work is indeed striking. She’s o..

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