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  • Shweta Malhotra : Fashion Illustrator
    Shweta Malhotra : Fashion Illustrator

    Posted on : 14/01/2019 04:47pm
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    How did you get into such an offbeat, unconventional and exciting career?


    After almost eight years at ad agencies and design studios, I decided to break out as an independent graphic designer in 2011.  My only reservation was the lack o..

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  • Fashion Writer : Fashion Writer
    Fashion Writer : Fashion Writer

    Posted on : 09/01/2019 05:01pm
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    Please tell us about yourself


    I grew up in a small town in West Bengal (where I always felt I never quite fit in) and was brought up in an extremely liberal environment where my parents never ever considered me a fragile girl child. I think ..

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  • Sudip Sharma : Script Writer
    Sudip Sharma : Script Writer

    Posted on : 08/01/2019 04:27pm
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    With a sip of tea, we began the conversation with Sudip Sharma, scriptwriter of NH10 and Udta Punjab.



    Let’s start with your story before we come to the stories you have written. Tell us about your life, your journey, everything..

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  • Shreya Sadhan : UI Designer
    Shreya Sadhan : UI Designer

    Posted on : 28/12/2018 01:25pm
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    Please tell us about yourself


    Vicimus runs similarly to a dealership. Meaning, we’d love to hire an automobile savant who knows every make and model, but it’s not what’s important. Humility is. It’s the underrated qua..

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  • Ramya Sriram : Cartoonist and Copywriter
    Ramya Sriram : Cartoonist and Copywriter

    Posted on : 24/12/2018 04:11pm
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    Tell us about yourself


    It’s not everyday you come across an engineer who’s quit several high profile jobs to take to art.

    Ramya Sriram is an artist who creates comics, caricatures and many fun things. She has worked with many co..

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  • Production Designer : Aradhana Seth
    Production Designer : Aradhana Seth

    Posted on : 20/12/2018 03:52pm
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    Please tell us about yourself


    Whether it is conjuring up a fantastical train for The Darjeeling Limited, a telegraph office in Goa for The Bourne Supremacy, Shah Rukh’s getaway plane in Don or even a picture-perfect storm for West is W..

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  • Shivani Parasnis : Graphic Designer
    Shivani Parasnis : Graphic Designer

    Posted on : 17/12/2018 12:53pm
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    Why are you a Graphic Designer?

    Throughout my journey as a biotechnologist, public health researcher, and ultimately a graphic designer (!), I realised how important and phenomenal it is to communicate your ideas through visuals, color and gorgeous..

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  • Amrit  Pal Singh : Graphic Designer
    Amrit Pal Singh : Graphic Designer

    Posted on : 12/12/2018 01:31pm
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    Why are you a Graphic/Brand Designer?

    Since I used Microsoft Paint and created cartoons for the school magazine, I have been sure about pursuing graphic design. I absolutely love the field of design and I sincerely believe I have the best job in th..

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  • Aastha Choudhary : Illustration
    Aastha Choudhary : Illustration

    Posted on : 07/12/2018 06:04pm
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    Why are you an Illustrator?

    Illustration wanted me to be with it.
    I tried my hand at many things but I could not live with it. What I was always doing in the meantime was drawing and painting. This ‘meantime’ made me realise my real int..

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  • Janine Shroff : Illustration And Design
    Janine Shroff : Illustration And Design

    Posted on : 04/12/2018 01:59pm
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    Shroff’s work is figurative and occasionally surreal – utilising bright colours and humour with darker undertones. Androgynous bird characters and humans enact fantasy scenes, mostly in mundane and domestic landscapes. Her work explores a..

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  • Interview with Indian 3d Artist - A.P. Shreethar
    Interview with Indian 3d Artist - A.P. Shreethar

    Posted on : 27/11/2018 04:32pm
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    The self-taught artist, actor and producer, on bringing to India its first 3D art museum, in Chennai. He’s credited for introducing giclee painting in India.



    Tell us about trompe-l’oeil.


    It is where art is comple..

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  • Anupama Chandrasekhar : Playwrights
    Anupama Chandrasekhar : Playwrights

    Posted on : 22/11/2018 06:04pm
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    Anupama Chandrasekhar is an Indian playwright born and based in Chennai. Her plays have been staged at leading venues in India, Europe, Canada and the US. She was formerly a journalist with the Hindu Business Line.



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